Time of Rest, The Little Things, and a Reset

We are sure it is no surprise to you that a lot is going on in our community, nation, and the world today. We are saddened to see how lives have been shaken, hospitals filled, and hope seems to be gone for many. Our hearts go out to those directly and indirectly affected by COVID-19 and we pray that wherever you find yourself amidst this time, that you are reminded that there is a God who loves you and wants to restore, heal, and change you in this time. It’s sad to say, but oftentimes it takes extremes for God to get our attention. We believe just the same for this situation. In this blog post, we are here to provide encouragement and hope.

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3 Things to do to Stay More Organized

Let’s be honest. It’s common for life to pull us in all sorts of directions and to become overwhelmed and unorganized in the process. The lost art of organization is something that many seek to find and obtain, but oftentimes get lost in the process. Here at SW Builders, we understand the importance of organization and how vital it is for one to succeed. Not only does organization help you stay on track, but it also keeps you involved in the process at hand. For our business, staying organized allows us to stay on task with multiple projects occurring at the same time, and the timeline of builds and renovations to run smoothly and on time. In this blog post, we are here to provide three helpful tips on how to stay organized.

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Home Accents

Does your home feel like it’s lacking a theme? Many times our homes can feel scattered and not uniformed when we have pieces of furniture and accents from multiple decades in one room. Not only can it feel like our home doesn’t portray our style and interests, but it can also feel unorganized as well. In this blog post, we are here to provide three ways of unifying your accents to give your home an overarching theme you’re proud of.

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Renovating 101

Overwhelming is an understatement for the feelings that come when you think about a big renovation you’ve always dreamed about. Renovations can be daunting in the sense of the prep and cleaning, the finances, or simply the process from start to finish. Oftentimes renovations can have a snowball effect on other updates that need to be done and it can be tempting to just put the idea aside and just forget about it. In this blog post, we are here to provide you with three helpful tips on a renovation.

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Envisioning Your Style

Have you ever been asked the question what is your style? This is a common question to various topics, including our taste in designing a home. Your style portrays your personality, priorities, and interests. Many choose their style in what they see out of design magazines or on HGTV. However, we’d like to encourage you to think out of the box today by giving 3 ways to determine your style, not a style that is found in a magazine.

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Choosing the Style of your Kitchen

It should be no surprise to you that we spend some of the most important and special moments in or near the kitchen. This space is filled with aromas of your favorite recipes and treats, it symbolizes closeness to those we love, and is a room we enter many times a day. Since this room is used often, we would like to give a few helpful tips on how to choose your style when the time comes for giving the room a new look.

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New Year New Opportunities

As the Christmas season winds down, we begin to direct our attention to the new year that is coming in the next couple of days. There are so many exciting new opportunities that are brought forth with a new year and yet this time of year can be overwhelming in feeling no motivation or direction to begin something new. In this blog post, we are here to give some direction and encouragement on how you can begin prepping for a wonderful 2020.

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Holiday Decor 101

It’s hard to believe December is upon us and that the holidays are officially here! This time of year brings many emotions, feelings and to-do lists to our minds. It becomes very easy to get overwhelmed by all of it that we begin missing the reason for the season. Even if the holiday festivities, parties, and Christmas services are consuming your schedule, decorating for the holidays in your home should be enjoyable. We are here to provide three helpful tips on how to make your home cozy and Christmas-like for the holidays in a practical way.

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What Are You Renovating?

As a construction company, it’s quite common that we come alongside clients who love their space or location but are interested in a change. Whether it’s cabinetry, a more open-concept, or restoring quaint charm, we enjoy the process of hearing the hearts of our clients and the dreams they have for a given space. With this comes a topic we are passionate about; constructing- renovating ourselves. 

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Showing Hospitality in the Home

When you hear the word ‘hospitality’ what do you think of? Do you envision someone with an apron that always welcomes you to their home? Do you think of someone who is on a greeting committee or someone who is generous? All of these are ways we can view hospitality, however how can you practically add this characteristic to your life? We are here to provide 3 ways to display hospitality in your home.

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