Prepping the House for Changing Seasons

It’s hard to believe summer is officially over and we are now preparing our homes for the cold weather that is coming upon us. We are here to give you a few projects you can do now to make for an easy spring clean and good curb appeal all season long.


Usually, it’s more common to think about fresh landscape after the snow is gone and spring is finally here. However, that can lead to a significant work project when the leaves begin budding. A good rule of thumb is to leave things in the fall as you’d like to see them in the spring. There will be work to do in the spring; however, it’s important to have things trimmed and in place so that the work isn’t too extensive come April. A few of these tasks could be cleaning landscape stones/bark of weeds, leaves and twigs. A clean slate of landscape helps make the spring clean a breeze. Second, prune shrubbery based on the plant’s needs. This will allow the plant to disperse the weight of the snow well in addition to appearing nice and neat.

Edging Driveway

We don’t think we’ve ever heard someone say a nicely-edged driveway doesn’t look great. There is no doubt about the fact clean, cut lines are visually appealing and are also good for excess growth to not occur. Our recommendation would be to edge the driveway and sidewalk as well as the landscape around the house. This will make the job more doable come spring and also display nice curb appeal.

Porch Decor

Have you ever driven past a house during Christmastime and seen big pots of soil and a summer wreath on the door? Not appealing. Even though these are small touches to the entire home at large, it’s important to take care of the first impression your home presents. During the fall, enjoy pumpkins and a nice haystack with a pot of mums. Come winter, consider having a little Christmas tree with lights on the porch. It’s important to be sure your home’s first impression is a good one and in-step with the season.

Dreaming of something big as the holiday’s approach?

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Building My Life

It should be no surprise to you that here at SW Builders we like to build. As you may know, we specialize in building homes and renovations to come alongside our clients to bring their dreams to life. Building is a skill, a trade and a desire. If an individual strives to be a builder and yet lacks skill, he will not be successful in his work. Similarly, if someone has the skills but isn’t willing to put the hours of labor in to make this passion a trade, he will fall short of a long-term commitment to this work. In addition, if someone has the skills and trade but doesn’t have a desire and passion to build, the motivation will remain minimal and his work will not be efficient. Thus, it’s important that to be a successful builder, one must possess these qualities. We believe these qualities go past the wood studio and into our personal lives as well.

Building a Skill

Have you ever tried a new hobby or skill? If you’re like us, it takes time and discipline to become good at something. Even the hobbies and activities that come naturally to us, we still need to put time and energy into it. Building a skill can be a practical task, an intellectual skill, a well-being skill or more! It’s important when we look at our lives to always be improving and learning to be a well-rounded individual.

new skills

Building a Trade

What do you do for a living? How do you pay the bills? What was your major in college? can all be questions that many ask when seeking to learn about our trade or profession. It’s common when we are working on building our skills to grow in a particular trade, that we focus on the task itself and not on the purpose behind that particular job. To clarify, it is so easy to get into the trap of a particular title instead of how we are helping others in our particular role. As we continue learning on ways to build one’s life, it’s important to not loose sight on why we chose the particular trade or job in the first place.

Building a Passion

Finally, it’s possible to stay at point 1 and 2 and ultimately miss the purpose of building our life. Many find their fulfillment in their hobbies and professions and loose passion altogether. Passion is powerful. It’s an emotion and a call wrapped in one. Passion takes the mind off of what do others think to something I love, so I will do. Here at SW Builders, we believe our passion goes beyond building homes and spaces for our clients, it’s ultimately rooted in a passion for loving others by how we have been loved first, by Christ. Why do value integrity? Why do we value a hard-work ethic? Why do we value passion in our work in and out of the studio? It ultimately boils down to our utmost passion, which is our Savior. Building a life that we enjoy and find fulfillment in is great, but not the end goal. Our end goal is to honor one another and our God by living well. Consider listening to this song Build my Life by Pat Barrett here.

quiet time

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Fall Festivities in West Michigan 2019

Can you believe September is already finishing up? We don’t know about you, but here at SW Builders, we feel like it flew by quick! It’s undeniable that cooler weather, pumpkin spice, and fun outdoor activities are just around the corner. Here are our top four festivities to enjoy in West Michigan this fall.

Fall Fest- October 12-13

Consider joining Holland’s Fall Fest this year! From professional pumpkin carving experts to hayrides and scarecrows, you definitely don’t want to miss this event for the entire family! Visit the website here .

Holland’s Farmers Market

What better way to bring in the new season than enjoying its various aromas, food, and plants. Stop by the Holland Farmers Market to enjoy a wonderful experience from local vendors, businesses, and framers. Visit the website here 

Crane Orchards

If you have been in the West Michigan area for some time, you have most likely been to the wonderful Crane Orchards. This is another excellent option to enjoy during the fall season. Enjoy picking apples and pumpkins, corn maze and other various activities. Visit the website here.

Enjoy the new season that is almost here!

Even though we will miss the long and warm days, we are excited about the new festivities fall brings. From all things pumpkin and colorful leaves to cozy days inside, we all know fall is a fun time of the year. Now that the summer is slowing down, are you beginning to dream up the next big home renovation? Fill out our contact form here to learn more!

The Heart of Home

We all have an innate desire in us to have a sense of belonging and acceptance. This longing cannot be forgotten or swept under the rug. It’s a desire that our Creator put in us to value rest, recharge, and rely on Him. In this blog post, we are going to give our top 3 reasons why the heartbeat of the home should be prioritized and valued.

Home Values Rest

The first reason we believe it is vital to value the home is that it provides a place for us to find rest. You do not have to look far to see that our world is busy with high demands. Thus, the word rest is many times not even in our vocabulary. Nevertheless in Genesis, we see God values rest and knows we should too which is why He set the example to follow while He was creating the world. The home needs to revolve around valuing rest. It should always be valued.

Home Values Recharge

The second reason we believe it is vital to value the home is it’s a place to recharge. Here is what we mean by that; the home needs to be a place where we can gain refreshment, energy, and happiness. The home needs to be a place we look forward being at. A place where we feel accepted and energized to be the best versions of ourselves possible. The time at home is a place where we can truly be ourselves, relax and equip ourselves to go about the next day with intentionality to do live well and do our best in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

Home Values Reliance

The third reason we believe it is vital to value the home is that we must rely on it. It’s crucial we find time to be home often. Relying on time at home means the value of family, memories, and self-care. All of this is important for our wellbeing. Many individuals choose to prioritize places outside the home to spend most of their time. We believe, however, it’s important to rely on it as your source of strength and a place you can fully unwind.

Home Values You

We may be biased that we believe home is one of the most important places to be. The heart of the home is a place that needs to be valued and respected. It also should be a place you enjoy making your own. If you are dreaming of a new and special update for your home, fill out our contact form here.

What to Renovate First?

Trust us, you are not the only one who has purchased a home that needs updates for functionality and character. Not everyone has the budget or the desire to build a home at this moment. Here at SW Builders, we know that and are here to make your dream a reality in whatever shape and form that may be.

Determine Priorities and What You Use Most

First and foremost, if you’re interested in updating your home and doing some renovations or add-ons, it’s important to dream with the stage of life you’re in. For example, if a four-season room is important to you and your family or your dream of a kitchen with an island, acknowledge it. The mistake many people make in this area is to feel pressure to renovate what they think is already in good shape. For example, if your house has oak wainscot paneling that you like, don’t feel pressure to renovate that first. Ultimately your home is yours, renovate areas you’d like something fresh and your style.

Determine Budget

Unfortunately, by now we have realized that money does not grow on trees as we hoped. Thus, our budget for home renovations is a factor when determining what to renovate first. As we discussed earlier, determine what you will use most and put it high on the renovation list. However, if your dream costs more than your bank account’s total, we need to come up with an alternative before we move forward. Our recommendation is to have a separate fund where you are able to put bonuses, cash gifts, and extra money into and title it renovation fund. Second, write out a list of the renovations you would like to complete and the cost to complete it. Then number the renovation in the order of priority. Once this separate account has enough cash to do one of your major dreams, consider completing it soon. Financially speaking, always make sure you are on the right track before doing a major update.

Determine Timing

It’s easy to dream about winter when we are in the heat of summer. Thus, it’s critical we are considering the timing of seasons and weather when completing the renovation. Not only is it important to determine priorities and budget for a renovation, but it is also important to determine the proper timing of this so that the renovation can be cost-effective and run smoothly. 

Have all three marks checked?

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Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home. What a wonderful phrase that encompasses so much. Home is not only a place where you reside, it’s a safe haven where you can let your guard down and rest after the business of life’s demands. At SW Builders, we know a house is simply a structure whereas a home is where the heart truly lies. Thus, if you long for a home that is inviting, relaxing, and cultivates building memories, it’s important that the space is a place you want to be. In this blog post, we are going to provide some budget-minded ways to promote community and a relaxing environment until you are able to do an addition or build a new home.

Room Focal Points

It is true that where the eye gravitates towards first in a room is where the purpose of a room lies. For example, in the kitchen, the cabinetry, countertops, and appliances should portray an open and welcoming space to prepare meals. This goes for living spaces as well. When you walk into your living room, what is the first thing you see? A sagging sofa? Television? A DVD shelf? All of these are potentials for promoting a cluttered environment. Our recommendation is to strategically place furniture in such a way that a TV or sagging couch isn’t the first thing you see. Sure, if you enjoy low couches and television that is good. However, it’s important to note that a room in a house offers more than accommodations, it sets the tone for what the room is used for.

One of our recommendations is to set up a space that welcomes natural light like windows or provides the illusion of such. There are mirrors or window-shaped mirrors that offer a great balance of light and also make the room more spacious. Another option is to balance warm and cool colors throughout the space. For example, if your couch is a dark gray, consider white walls or light curtains to brighten up the space. Consider adding a nice bookshelf or tall plant to direct the eye towards places of creativity and uniqueness. 

Wall Decor

Wall decor has the opportunity to make or break a room. It’s important to remember less is more. However, adding bits of character and color throughout the home provides an opportunity for creativity and style. When buying wall decor, consider the purpose behind the art and its size. First, the purpose of the piece is important to think about. What is it trying to communicate? Does it fit your family’s story and style? Remember, it’s your house, not Joanna Gaines. If you like a painting of a family picnic, then go for it! Second, sizing is key as you place art on the wall. Is the height making the wall feel choppy or long? Does it fit the space well with the furniture nearby? Be sure to hold up your favorite piece in multiple places before securing it with a nail. It might surprise you where you end up liking it most!


Believe it or not, even a small house can feel spacious if laid out well. We are a firm believer in floor space is good space and it’s important to cultivate a sense of spaciousness. The biggest tip we have here is having minimal decorations, furniture or items on the ground. When there is clutter stored on the ground, not only do we have less floor space, but it also makes cleaning difficult and limits certain activities to happen in that particular room. Another recommendation is to keep shelves, entertainment centers and coffee tables decorated minimally. The fewer items, the less clutter. This helps give the illusion of an open space throughout the entire room instead of cramming various decorations and knick-knacks in every nook and cranny.

Ready to do more?

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Spicing Up the Living Room

Let’s be honest… the living room is a special place in the house. This particular space is typically the first room we show to guests on a house tour and the first spot we sit down after a long day of work. Not only is this space cozy for the community but it is also a space to share your family’s story. Thus, it is important to make sure your living room has pieces that display your preferences, interests, and style. Today, we’ll be sharing with you three ways you can spice up this important room in your home. 


There are many benefits to adding plants to your living room. Plants add nice texture and greenery to any space and have health benefits as well. They lighten up dark rooms and make bright rooms feel natural. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries, there are many artificial plants you can purchase to get the same effect with less upkeep. However, if you are into plants, choose a variety of heights and styles that all have similar pots or baskets to display in. This gives a sense of unity while looking at the variety of plants you choose. 

Wall Art

Many times the walls in our homes get neglected. When we utilize the wall, not only can it make a room feel bigger, but it also can help with displaying your theme, style, and story. A few of our favorite options are: 

Paintings- Are you someone who likes pops of color and texture? Choosing an abstract painting that fits your style is a perfect way to spice up your space.

Canvas Prints- We all have at least a few favorite pictures of our loved ones or furry friends we wouldn’t mind blown up. Shutterfly has various options to fit your size, style, and budget on its website. Check it out here.

Wooden Bookshelves- Small shelves are never a bad option for displaying decorations and special pieces. This particular idea is more versatile as you can change out the items with seasons, preferences, or styles to keep the space feeling new throughout the year.

Throw Blanket and Pillows

Looking for an alternative that is a little less pricey and good for a home that is full of children and craziness? Throw blankets and pillows can be an excellent addition to your space. If your room has bright colors and patterns throughout, choose simple white, gray or black pillows of various shapes and sizes. On the other hand, if your room feels like its lacking life and color, bring in pops of color with your pillows and blankets for a nice touch.

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Getting Ready for Spring

Even though the weather appears to be fluctuating, we still know spring is here. From spring cleaning to fresh new decorations and more, there is always something fun to do. Here at SW Builders, we are busy with multiple new homes and renovations. We are here to make the preparation a little more doable and enjoyable with a few unique tasks to get ready for spring and the nice weather.

Landscape and Plants

Curb appeal is a real thing. It’s important to take care of this for ascetics but also resale value. Fresh new shrubs, planters and edging the driveway are simple tasks that can add character and value to your home. Adding new bark and stones can also help boost the look of your landscaping.

Outdoor landscaping provides curb appeal and a professional look to your home.

It’s important to take care of annual cleaning projects as this helps with the longevity of your home’s materials. Taking care of your siding, gutters, and windows are crucial in maintaining a home that lasts through the years with less maintenance and repair costs. Check out Lakeshore Custom Cabinet’s post on this here.

New Outdoor Furniture

Let’s be honest. We all enjoy restful evenings outside with our loved ones. Thus, it’s important that you create a space for it. After a long day at the office or running the children from place to place, it’s nice to have space where you can just relax during the warm months. Outdoor furniture is a perfect way to spice up any patio or porch and make it fresh and new.

Inside Decor

Seasonal decorations are always a fun addition to any space. They allow for the season to feel alive in the house as well as create a sense of excitement for the next season approaching. Many seasonal decorations focus on the holiday that is near, but there are also decorations broad enough to symbolize a particular season. For example, snowflakes for winter, flowers, and growth for spring, sunshine and outdoors for summer, and leaves for fall. All of these fit for the seasons as well as the holidays that fall underneath them. 

A few of our recommendations for each season decor would be:

  • Winter- snowmen, candles
  • Spring- woven baskets, plants
  • Summer- bright paintings, abstract dishes
  • Fall- leaf pattern table cloths, pumpkins

Ready to make an event bigger change next season?

Decorating is only on part of the equation. Find a builder you can trust for the bigger project you’re ready to tackle. Interested in getting started? Visit our webpage here to begin turning your house into a home.

Choosing Your Paint Color

Color communicates emotion and an overall mood when you walk into a room. It gives a sense of purpose on what the room is for and the priorities of the family who lives there. Thus, when choosing a paint store like Repcolite, it’s important to know your preferences and use behind each room. Whether you enjoy vibrant colors or light pastels, it’s good to know an overall rule of thumb when it comes to choosing colors for your home.

Effects of Color

Color affects us. It was how we were designed. It’s important to note the shade of colors really does make a difference. Light colors and pastels communicate expansive and airy feels whereas darker colors feel more warm and intimate. Let’s now go into some details on how colors can work for your home. 

  • Neutrals are critical as you use color in your home. Finding neutrals that go well with your style and decoration preferences is very important. Light grays, tans, and white are common for neutrals in most homes.
  • Red increases energy levels and provides a sense of strong emotions. It’s important to use red moderately as it is a very strong and bold choice to choose. Red is excellent for accents and for a statement wall if desired.
  • Yellow reminds us of sunshine and happiness. This color is excellent for kitchens, dining rooms, and living spaces. However, yellow should not become the main color scheme for the home.
  • Blue is an extremely calming and relaxing color. The shade you choose is critical as it can either communicate a relaxing touch (lighter shade) or sadness (darker shade). This color is excellent for various rooms as it is close to the natural family but has some character to it.
  • Green is the most restful color to the eye. It portrays growth and community. It’s great for gathering spaces as well as small closed rooms. This is an excellent, well-rounded color for practically any space and has wonderful tones that are absolutely stunning.
With so many colors to choose from, finding the right paint color can be hard. Thankfully, we are here to help you find the perfect color for your space.
  • Purple produces a feeling of dramatic richness. If you choose a lighter shade, it can be quite calming like lavender or periwinkle However, the shades of purple vary greatly on how the color will communicate.
  • Orange portrays excitement and energy. This color needs to be approached with caution but is an excellent choice for a workout room as it helps release energy.

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Turning Your House into a Home

Moving into a new home is a daunting task. The ultimate question is how to make the space that either you designed or chose to feel like yours. What paint colors feel welcoming to you? What wood colors are you drawn to? Do you like pops of color or classic elegant pieces that stand the test of time? All of these simple changes do not break the budget and also have a significant impact on showcasing you. Here are 3 things you can do to make your house feel like a home.

Add Some Fresh Color.

Color is all around us. From the beautiful outdoors to incredible artwork and more, color gives a message about the values of a particular person, culture, or entity. Color is the first thing a photographer is looking for when glancing through the lens. Color is also the first things guests notice while walking into a home. As you may have expected, this is why the color we choose in a home is so powerful. It sets a style and a mood. All colors have a time and place, the question is how to go about choosing colors that communicate your goal and priorities of your home.

Are you looking for a house that is cozy and relaxing? Choosing light pastels would be an excellent option to portray that style. Soft grays, light sage-greens, lavender, and light blue are great go-to’s. Remember, variety provides character so don’t be shy in having a variety of paint colors throughout your home. Are you looking for a bold look? Choose vibrant colors such as yellows, red, and dark blue. Accent walls are also a way of communicating a welcoming and energetic home.

Change Up the Trim or Stain.

The paint colors have been decided, now what? Changing up the wood finish color provides a significant updated and new look to any space. Yes, this is a lot of tedious work on sanding down previous wood finishes, re-staining to a new shade or color and then sealing it. However, this fix allows for your eye for detail to come into play. Is your house covered from floor to ceiling in oak from the ’80’s? Consider painting your trim white or a darker wood shade to give more dimension to your space.

It’s important to keep in mind that choosing a wood finishing color takes an overall vision and style. First, identify the style of your home. Is it a classic and traditional home, country ranch or farmhouse? All of this should be considered when ultimately choosing the wood finishings. Once you understand the style of your home, then it’s important to decide your preference on dark wood finishings, light wood finishings, or classic white. All of these questions are important to ask as you move forward in choosing the finishing that is best for you and your home.

Choose Decoration Pieces that Share a Story.

Finally choosing new decorative accents will also make your space feel like home. Decor ranges from style and color to preferences. Do you prefer bright accents like a printed rug or abstract painting? Do you lean towards classic florals, sage, and wood? Or do you like the classic rod iron look? Figuring out your preferences ahead of time allows you to have a consistent style throughout your home.

If you appreciate bright and colorful accents that tell a story, look for pieces that need interpreting and that are full of life and color. You may also choose to have bright and various throw pillows, rugs, and vases that speak various cultures. If you lean towards florals and sage, indoor plants are another way to decorate your space! There are thousands of plants of all shapes and sizes that you may choose to fill any space needed. Wood accents also go really well with this particular stylistic approach. Finally, if you enjoy the classic and traditional style, look for pieces that stand the test of time. Classic candle holders, white vases and wicker baskets will go great in your traditional home.

There you have it; new ways to spice up your home and to begin making it feel like home. However, you do not have to do this alone. Here at SW Builders, we are prepared to come alongside you in all stages of the process, from paint and staining to cabinetry and countertops, and decor, our team are trained professionals ready to guide you in this exciting new journey you are entering. Call us today at (616) 836-1711 or email Steve at to begin turning your house into a home today.