Meet Scott has been working for SW Builders since 2016 and has been in the carpentry field for 36 years as of 2019.  Scott is also a License Michigan Contractor. Scott has been married to “his bride” Julie for 30 years as of 2019.  They have 4 adult children (3 daughters and a son) who all live in the West Michigan area.

If you ask Scott why he got into carpentry he’ll tell you, “My love for wood and carpentry started at a young age when I got to work along side my neighbor Grandpa Joe”.  If you ask Scott what his favorite thing to do as a carpenter he’ll say, “Staircases…..well, really anything out of wood”.  Scott also has another nickname around town to those that know him, and that’s the “candy man”.  You’ll always find a handful of white and red stripped butter mints in his pocket that he hands out to anyone, or leaves them on your car windshield wipers, on your desk, everywhere.  I asked what started him carrying all the mints?  He said, “I used to work for an old grump when I was younger.  One day I gave him a mint…..and he smiled.  I’ve been carrying them around every day since then trying to bring a smile to someone”.

When Scott isn’t working you can find him tucked away inside his “post card room” at home (yes, I said room).  Scott also enjoys collecting antiques or anything else that is unique to the West Michigan Area that is old or has a story.  You can also find “his bride” and himself kayaking on a small lake or river during the Summer months together enjoying the outdoors.